2019 - Our Year of the Greater One!

Dear Friends and Partners in the ministry of the Lord, I warmly welcome you to the new year 2019.

As you would agree, last year was a very good one as we made progress at individual and corporate levels by the application of the word for that year, which was our year of the ‘Uncommon Wisdom’.

You made great progress in your lives as you overcame challenges that you refused to see as threats. Instead you saw the opportunity in the darkness and took advantage because of the Spirit of uncommon wisdom.

My European mission trips in the last year were a huge success with testimonies that will live long in the memory. Two of them stand out the most among many, they are the father and daughter that were healed of gluten allergy so evidently that they both now eat foods that would have caused their deaths previously. Also, there was the heart-warming story of a lady that got healed of cancer at one of the meetings. She could not hide her joy at seeing her hair grow back after having been declared free of the disease by medical doctors. We give all the praise to the Lord Jesus without whom none of these would have been a reality.

While we celebrate the victories of 2018, we must now look forward to the opportunities of the new year 2019. By the Holy Spirit, this year has been declared the year of the Greater One! It is interestingly in line with the declaration of our Archbishop, Dr. Margaret E. Benson-Idahosa for Church of God Mission International world-wide which is “focusing on Christ to manifest His glory!” The Greater One is the Holy Ghost who is Christ in You. The Lord Jesus called Him the Father that dwelled in Him (John 14:10). He was the One who made Jesus of Nazareth become Jesus the Christ!

In this new year, the Spirit of the Lord will make you more than human as you yield to Him through the Word of God. He told us that everything that is connected to you will be so influenced by Him that they will go in the direction of your faith. No longer will you make successes in one area of life and huge losses in another. Some people experience bad health just when their career has started to blossom. For some others it’s the loss of a loved one or even a broken marriage.

In 2019, 1 John 4:4 will become a tangible reality for you because “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the World”. Ezekiel 2:1-2 reveals how that the Spirit entered into Ezekiel and set him on his feet as the Spirit spoke to him. May you be miraculously strengthened with Might by the Word of Spirit on the inside this new year!

To get us going in such a glorious year, we have declared a fast for 17 days beginning on Thursday the 3rd until Saturday the 19th of January. This is a time to spiritually set our hearts on the objectives the Lord wants us to achieve in the year. It is also a time to speak into the year as we already know that our lives will go in the direction of our confessions. I encourage you to take part in the fast as best as you can and join the daily prayer sessions on the prayer line.

This is going to be your best year yet!


Pst. Obi